Privacy Policy

1. Scope

We, Karoken Ride, take the protection of your personal data seriously and protect your privacy when processing your personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect about you, why we collect such information, and how you can update, manage, export, and delete such data.

This Privacy Policy will inform you as a visitor to the Karoken Ride websites, as the user or the customer of Karoken Ride’s online platform, app, or other services (referred to as “Karoken Ride services”) as to which your personal data is processed by Karoken Ride and for what purpose. Karoken Ride services are not aimed at minors.

2. Data collection 

The policy highlights how Karoken Ride collects and uses personal data. The policy applies to all the users of our apps, features, websites or other services. The policy specifically applies to riders (users who request for transportation) and drivers (individuals who provide transportation or partners of Karoken Ride). 

Karoken Ride processes your personal data (listed below) provided by you when you register with us or while using our services or booking rides (hereinafter, “customer data”).

Karoken Ride will use the customer data to fulfill the framework agreement after registration (creation, storage, administration, and support of your Karoken Ride account), procure booked rides, and fulfill the contract of the carriage through the transport service provider. For driver partners, Karoken Ride will use the user data to procure ride requests and provide access to all the app services. 

2.1 User information: We collect user data when users create or update their account. This may include the below information.

  • Personal master data (e.g., name, location, and password);

  • Contact data (e.g., email ID, address, and telephone or mobile number); 

  • Contract data (e.g., registration time and manner, and status); and 

  • For driver and delivery partners, we may collect additional information such as driving license, driving license expiry date, driving license image, vehicle number, vehicle image, vehicle insurance number and expiry date. 

2.2 Contact information: Karoken Ride collects contact information at the time of registration. This may include your name, email ID, phone number, password, profile picture and payment information. The information will be helpful in booking a ride from the passenger application and accepting the request from the driver application. We will collect this information to:

  • Create, maintain and update the passenger and driver accounts.

  • Facilitating ride booking and transportation services.

  • Tracking the trip progress and sharing the trip information to friends and families for safety purposes. 

  • Managing payment of services for customers and settling payments for drivers.

2.3 Geo-location information: The Karoken Ride mobile applications will access the geo-location for both the drivers and passengers if enabled by the user. Once the user provides the permission, we will collect the accurate or approximate location data from the mobile device while it is running in the foreground. The data will be collected when the user opens the application. We require user location to provide accurate ride experience. This includes: 

  • Fetching the exact location to select the pickup location.

  • Showing the nearest vehicles based on the user’s current location. 

  • Tracking the current location when a user is on an on-going trip so that the user can check their ride progress using the app. 

  • Tracking the current location so that the same can be sent to the emergency contacts when the user clicks the SOS or emergency button. 

  • Setting locations as favorites or bookmarking particular pickup or destination for easy booking. 

For drivers, we will access user location when the application is the foreground and background to enable users in receiving ride requests. Based on the current location, we will:

  • Fetch the nearest booking request for the drivers. 

  • Provide the driver location to the users and the admin so that they can track their estimated time of arrival. 

  • Track the trip or delivery in progress to provide real-time updates to the users and the admin. 

  • Track the current location so that the same can be sent to the emergency contacts when the driver clicks the SOS or emergency button.

2.4 Call & SMS data: Karoken Ride uses the passenger and driver phone number to send service-related notifications, once the user has provided the consent. For the passengers, we may send trip related details, such as, trip confirmation, trip cancelation, trip completion, trip status and trip fare. We may also use SMS to send promotional messages and send SOS notification to the emergency contacts. 

For the driver partners, we may send new booking information, trip details, trip completion and fare details. We may also use SMS to send promotional messages and send SOS notification to the emergency contacts. 

We may access the users’ phone number once they have provided their consent to facilitate calling between the drivers and passengers. To ensure the security of the personal information, we provide a call-masking facility that protects the phone number from either parties. We may also access the phone microphone to facilitate calls once the user has provided the consent. 

2.5 Camera and gallery data: Once the user provides the permission, we may access the phone camera and stored gallery to help users in setting the profile picture. The user can either use the phone camera to take a picture and set it as a profile image or explore the gallery to find the particular photo. 

2.6 Transaction and service information: Karoken Ride collects information related to our service usage. This may include the type of service availed and the transaction information as mentioned below:

  • Ride-related data (e.g., pick-up and drop-off location, date and time, and notes to drivers);

  • Status (e.g. referral program); and

  • Ride history (e.g. previous and scheduled rides).

This information is collected to provide reports regarding the passenger usage and provide historing data. For driver partners, we will collect information related to the trips taken, distance traveled and revenue earned. 

2.7 Financial Data

Ride fare can also be paid through debit or credit card as Karoken Ride is integrated with secure third-party payment gateways that meet necessary security standards. Such debit/credit card information will be stored securely during your first booking and will be protected from unauthorized access. However, Karoken Ride itself does not store your card details. If so, such data will be stored in an abbreviated form to prevent fraudulence and for analysis purposes. 

In order to ensure the legitimacy of the card details and its owner and to prevent fraudulence, card details and transaction data will be transferred to one or more third-party payment security services. It may include personal data also. On behalf of Karoken Ride, such third-party payment security services will process personal data.

Karoken Ride may delete your credit card details on request or if it does not have a purpose to retain. Karoken Ride has to retain such information for a specified period if there is any outstanding credit or an unresolved claim on your account.

2.8 Emergency sharing information: We may require your permission to access your phone contacts. The information will be collected to connect with your selected emergency contacts in case of any emergency situation. The selected contacts will receive the user’s current location, pickup and drop information, driver name and vehicle details. This will be applicable for all users including customers and driver partners. Such information will be shared when the user, customer or driver partner, clicks the emergency button. 

2.9 Ratings system: Karoken Ride allows users to rate drivers and customers alike.The ratings are displayed to either parties to analyze the user behavior and provide accountability for the users’ action. The drivers can access the ratings provided by the customers and the driver ratings can be viewed by the customers. All average ratings of both the drivers and customers can be viewed in the Karoken Ride app. 

2.10 Device permission and information: iOS and Android operating systems have their defined certain data that cannot be accessed by the apps without the users’ permission. Devices notifies app users when the app is used for the first time and requires certain data.  Karoken Ride may collect details about the devices you use to access Karoken Ride services, including the mobile network information, device IP address, software and hardware models, operating systems and versions, file names and versions, preferred languages, unique device and advertising identifiers, serial numbers, and device motion information. 

Additionally, to ensure full-functioning of the driver mobile application and analyze app usage, we may collect details about device manufacturer, SDK version, release version, carrier details, Play service information, battery level, available memory, available & total storage, application version code & name, current time and device ID.

We will also access the device to wake up the screen whenever a booking request or booking-related information is received during application sleep mode. 

2.11 Phone call: In case the users wish to connect with each other, we may initiate phone calls without using the dialer user interface. 

2.12 Storage: We may access your device external storage to help in setting the profile picture. We may also access the storage to store images or photos taken via the application.

2.13 Internet & GPS connection: We may verify the availability of network and Wifi connectivity. This is necessary as the internet is essential for the full-functioning of the application. We may also verify whether the GPS is switched on or off as it is necessary to provide location-based services. 

3. Data sharing

Karoken Ride may share the collected data to the following stakeholders. 

3.1 Data sharing with internal users: Karoken Ride may share details such as:

  • Passengers’ name, rating, pickup/drop location with the drivers to facilitate the ride service.

  • Passengers’ name and drop location with other passengers during carpooling or ride sharing 

  • Drivers’ name, rating, assigned vehicle number, vehicle model, color, vehicle photo and location to the riders to facilitate the ride service.

3.2 Data sharing with consent: We may also provide the passenger’s location, ETA and trip details when the user requests to send the information to their emergency contacts for safety reasons and when they click the SOS button.

3.3 Data sharing with third parties: If necessary, Karoken Ride may share the customer data to third parties like service providers in order to transport the customer appropriately. The data collected during the payment process will be stored through a third-party payment service provider and transmitted to the intermediary financial service provider or bank. 

In addition, Karoken Ride processes customer data in order to analyze, personalize, and improve the use of Karoken Ride services according to the demand, to advertise Karoken Ride services, to detect, limit, and eliminate technical or process-related disruptions and problems, and to avoid the illegal use of Karoken Ride services (e.g. fraudulent booking, cyber attacks). Data is not forwarded to recipients in this respect unless it is a Karoken Ride contractor or otherwise legally permitted.

4. Communication with Karoken Ride

While contacting Karoken Ride through phone calls, contact form on the website, or email, your personal data provided by you will be processed to proceed your request further and provide a proper response to you. 

Karoken Ride will use such data received from the communication in an anonymized form as a way to mold Karoken Ride services suitable for the market requirement and improve them, to identify and rectify problems and technical hurdles, and to avoid the illegal access of Karoken Ride services.

5. Email Advertising and Newsletter

Karoken Ride has the right to process your personal data like name, email ID, and form of address. Karoken Ride may use your data to send you personalized advertising or general newsletters through email, text message, or push notification in order to notify you on current offers, service expansion, new features, and so on.i

Such email advertising and newsletters may contain pixels where a graphic file is inserted into the email sent in HTML format. Through pixels, Karoken Ride can track whether the emails are opened, links are clicked, and when it is opened.

Karoken Ride holds the right to use the email ID that you have provided during your registration with us to directly advertise our service and products. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the sent emails or write to us at


6. Social Media/Networks

6.1 Karoken Ride’s Presence in Social Media

Karoken Ride maintains pages on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram that provides information on what personal data is processed by them and how they are processing them.

6.2 Facebook and Facebook Connect

Karoken Ride uses the services of Facebook. You can read its data protection information at

Karoken Ride is also providing its users with an option to use their Facebook account to sign up for Karoken Ride services. You can use your existing account details or create a new account if you do not have one. While opting to use Facebook account, you will be redirected to a Facebook page where you may have to log in with your Facebook account details. If you sign up to the Karoken Ride account through Facebook Connect, Facebook will transfer a few personal data to Karoken Ride. However, Facebook will notify you on what data will be transferred and for what purpose that you may grant or refuse explicit consent. Without this consent, your personal data from Facebook will not be transmitted to Karoken Ride. Besides, Facebook can also determine that you have logged in to Karoken Ride and when you logged in. In order to know your identity, Karoken Ride uses your personal data transferred by Facebook.

If you use your Facebook account to log in to Karoken Ride, you consent to Karoken Ride processing your personal data from Facebook to identify you. You can revoke this consent at any time. 

You can also log in to the Karoken Ride account in another way if you do not prefer to log in using Facebook Connect. 

You can get detailed information about cookies and the like of Facebook that are used by Karoken Ride.

 7. Special Features for the Karoken Ride Apps

Karoken Ride’s apps are the doorways to access Karoken Ride services. Similar data processing will be carried out through the Karoken Ride apps as through the Karoken Ride websites.

When you use the Karoken Ride apps, we will also access additional data in relation to the app or to your end device (e.g., the device’s name, model, manufacturer, operating system, app or SDK version, and mode).

Karoken Ride apps have the option to send push notifications to app users. We will access Google Cloud Messaging to send push notifications regarding trip information, real-time trip updates and offers for the Passenger Application. For the driver application, we will send push notifications regarding new, canceled and completed trips, referrals and offers. However, such push notifications will be sent to you only with your consent on your device. 

8. Data Security

Karoken Ride uses proper technical and organizational security measures to ensure a level of protection for personal data. The transfer of personal data between Karoken Ride and your end device is generally done in an encrypted form (SSL encryption). 

Karoken Ride always recommends you to communicate any confidential information with us through mail or encrypted email. 

9. Provision of the websites

When you visit Karoken Ride websites and are not registered with us, your browsing data will automatically be collected (hereinafter, “surf data”); however, we will not know your identity. Herein, we collect surf data such as your IP address, browser type and version, date and time of the server request, the status code, files transferred, pages visited, referrer (website visited beforehand), and data volume. The surf data is stored by Karoken Ride in our log files. 

We inform you about the cookies and analysis services used by Karoken Ride in our Cookie Policy. Your surf data will not be disclosed or provided to any other third parties.

We process your surf data to establish and maintain the technical connection when surfing the internet. We also use this data in an anonymized form to assay the use of the Karoken Ride website(s), to enhance our services to meet industry demand, to identify and remove technical issues or process-related disruptions, and to avoid the illegal use of our services (e.g., fraudulent booking, cyber attacks, etc.).

Saved log files will be deleted or anonymized unless such data are no longer required to make sure the functionality of Karoken Ride services. We retain such log files only to the extent that you have consented to this or if there are legal retention obligations.

10. Cookies, pixels, and similar technologies

As clearly explained in our Cookie Policy, Karoken Ride uses cookies and the like (e.g., device identifiers, web beacons, and pixels) to recognize you and/or your device(s) on, off, and across different devices.

We use the Internet protocol address, browser type, browser language, referring URL, files accessed, errors generated, time zone, operating system, and other visitor details collected in our log files to analyze trends, administer the website, track visitor's movements, and improve our website, thereby services. We link this automatically collected data to other information we collect about you.

When registering with Karoken Ride as a user of its services, you agree that we may process, in personalized form, the data collected through the use of the cookies and similar technologies for the mentioned purposes in relation to your account.

Using your browser settings, you can prevent the storage of cookies and delete it at any time. While doing so, some functions of Karoken Ride’s services may not be available for you or available only to a certain extent. The storage duration may differ based on the cookie, which can be inspected in your browser. 

11. Delete account procedure 

Karoken Ride deletes your information that may not be required to retain. Karoken Ride will delete your account if the account is not active for 30 days. Karoken Ride may not delete your account if there is an outstanding credit or an unresolved claim or dispute on your account.

12. Rights of stakeholders

If Karoken Ride processes your data, you will be the data subject who has the following rights in connection with your personal data affecting you:

12.1 Right to information

The data subject has the right to contact us to obtain a confirmation so as to know whether their personal data is processed. In this case, they have the right of information about the processing of such personal data.

12.2 Right to rectification

The data subject has the right to obtain from us without unreasonable delay in the completion or rectification of their inaccurate personal data.

12.3 Right to erasure

The data subject has the right to demand from us the deletion of their personal data without unreasonable delay, and Karoken Ride is obliged to erase their personal data with no delay, provided their personal data is no longer required, the data subject takes back their consent or lodges an objection to processing their data, and the personal data was unlawfully processed or there is otherwise a ground for erasure within the meaning of respective act.

12.4 Right to the restriction of data processing

The data subject has the right to demand us the restriction of processing when the personal data is inaccurate, or when the data subject finds the processing unlawful and opposes the erasure of the personal data.

12.5 Right to objection

The data subject has the right to lodge an objection to the processing of personal data that may affect them for any valid reasons. Karoken Ride will then no longer process the personal data, unless they can substantiate convincing, legitimate grounds for the processing that override the data subject’s interests, rights, and freedom, or the processing is for the inception, process, or defense of legal claims.

12.6 Right to data portability

The data subject has the right to receive the personal data, which they have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and to transmit such data to others without our interference.

12.7 Right to lodge a complaint

Without prejudice, the data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

13. Automated decisions

In certain cases, you are subject to a process of automated decision when you retry paying through a payment method via which a transaction has already failed or when a few indications justify that the booking is fake. During these cases, your booking request will be refused. Such an automatic decision is required to complete the contract. The data subject can contact us through any of the contact modes provided in Section 2 for any clarification or suggestions.

14. Data Erasure and Storage Duration

Karoken Ride will delete your personal data once the legal basis for its processing expires. But, such legal bases may also exist in parallel or a new one may occur with the lapsing of an existing one (e.g., the duty to save derived data to satisfy a legal retention obligation according to commercial or tax law).

15. Amendment or Update of this Privacy Policy

Karoken Ride may change, modify, or update this Privacy Policy at any time. You as a Karoken Ride user will be informed on this and maybe insist on providing your consent again.